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Tammy Small, M.Ed. and certified Nurtured Heart Trainer
Yippee! It’s Another School Year!
Even as I type the date, I shake my head in amazement. What? Again? It happened again? Wasn’t I just writing my encouraging column on promotion of summer learning?  Weren’t we just saying goodbye to our graduates and hello to our swimsuits?  Whiplashed again by the speed of time, I just want to  s l o w  the darn clock down.  In fact, many students have often hear me tell them to not rush life. I joke that, “Us adults are sick of being adults,” as a way to poke them to appreciate where they are in life. Ironically, life will rush forward without regard to our wishes – and here we are, another year of adulthood, and our children another year older. As we begin this next fall, “Under our rainbow,” and on this journey together, I really challenge us as parents, to help our children ‘slow the months down.’ We eagerly awaited the arrival of summer – and thought the days would be lazy. But for most, they were full, busy, and demanding. The extra hours of sunshine – were both delightful and exhausting.  But isn’t that okay, too?  Welcoming the new year, the new classmates, the new teachers and new expectations, I often find myself wishing it were October, and then in October, wishing it were November – and so on. It seems I might be wishing myself further away from the very moment I had intended to savor.  So once more another summer has passed. We filled it up with many memories, some great adventures and hopefully, SOME downtime. And in reality, this is what the next school year will promise us also.  And let’s take some time to appreciate it!
As you reconnect with families and your child reconnects with friends, let’s remind each other how lucky we are to have this next year to fill. And let’s hope we are paying enough attention to what is going right that we truly treasure those “firsts” and “seconds” and “nexts” and live fully present in the moment.   Let’s make this fall the attitude of gratitude for now.  Blessed to be a part of the school family and blessed by the relationships we have with each other.  That said, let’s jump in fully!
Spend time going over the expectations of your child’s class – and read over the information that your child’s teacher posts on their website.  Explore together the exciting possibilities of the new year and ask your child what they are most looking forward too.  Give no energy to grumbling over the early wake-up and morning scramble game which once again adds some stress to our mornings, but rather energize the opportunity. Help set up a distraction-free study zone and time, and talk together with your child about how and where they think they will be get their daily reading and work done.  Decide as a family to cut back on isolating tv, computer gaming, social networking or other non-socially interacting time and create a schedule which builds powerful conversations and opportunities for deeper understanding of the learning.  Accept that life is busy – and stop complaining about it. Rather appreciate all that it is offering – and take every moment (carpool rides, trips to the grocery, sport practices, church outings, etc.) as a chance to build more relationship, more conversation and engagement in life, more learning and growing and opportunity RIGHT NOW. Here is to a great beginning! Yippee! It’s September!
Starting A Strong September Attitude of Gratitude!
Tuesday, September 7, 2010