Honoring Greatness with the Nurtured Heart Approach®
Tammy (Small) Fisher, M.Ed. and Certified Advanced Nurtured Heart Trainer

“Tammy Fisher is an inspired soul and brilliant clinician who holds nothing back in her masterful work with families and educators. I am honored and thrilled to have her teaching her deep wisdom through The Nurtured Heart Approach.”

- Howard Glasser
Tammy’s Background

Tammy Fisher, M.Ed. (formerly Small) was named Washington State School Counselor of the Year in 2014.  A former junior high teacher for 11 years, she has been a school counselor for the past twenty years, working with all levels: pre-K to high school. She has had the unique opportunity to create first counseling programs in two separate schools, earning a Golden Apple in 2005 for the Conflict Mediator program she coordinated. Currently at a pre-K to 8th grade, she is also a full-time doctoral student in Counselor Education at Seattle Pacific University. 

Tammy has been a certified Advanced Trainer in Howard Glasser’s Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) since 2007, and has authored two books on this system of relationship (which informs most of her work with educators, parents, and students): There’s Always Something Going Right: the Nurtured Heart Approach® in School Settings (c. 2010 with co-author Louisa Triandis) and Fearless Parenting: Stepping Into Life’s Greatest Role with the Nurtured Heart Approach® (c. 2013). 

She has presented at dozens of national conferences over the past twenty years, including but not exclusive of: WSCA Annual Conferences, Ophelia Conference, WA State Anti-Bullying Conference, American Middle Level Educators Conference, Nurtured Heart Global Summit Conferences, Social Thinking Providers Conference, as well as British Columbia School Counselor Conferences, where she was invited to be their keynote in October of 2015. Additionally she has trained hundreds of educators and parents in the Nurtured Heart Approach and similar evidence-based strategies to build capacity in all students, adults and relationships.

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What I Believe:

Everyone has the best of intentions – but sometimes we are unaware of our impact.   Live as though the former matters the most.  And own the impact regardless of your intention.

All people can change - and awareness is that first step.

Being aware of your greatness is far more powerful than being focused on your flaws. One empowers, the other disables.

Most people don't know how great they are - and it is contagious to shine your greatness on others: tell them, show them. Watch them rise to their greatness.

People need people. It is why kids misbehave: pay attention.  Glasser's Nurtured Heart Approach reminds us: Pay attention to all I do right. Name it SPECIFICALLY.

Everyone should own a dog. This has absolutely nothing to do with my background in counseling theories or NHA training, but everything to do with the natural ability of dogs to do what we humans forget: always be happy to see you, eat your food without complaining, sleep without stress, love unconditionally, forgive everything.

Live as though everything matters. Because it does. People most of all.

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